Peak Packaging

An E-Commerce Website For Life Prolonging Plastic Bags

Peak Packaging offers plastic bag products that extend the life of fruits, vegetables and other consumable goods. Peak Packaging were after a new website that would generate more interest in their products than their old site, as well as adding in simpler and easier to use e-commerce functionality.

The main challenge was creating a design that would make plastic fruit bag engaging and sell the product to the audience, with a lack of imagery online and not many photos from the client. The idea of “Farm Fresh” was conceptualised and the imagery and design was built around that. The end result was a bold and vibrant design that helped Peak Packaging compete better with it’s more established competition.

“With a lack of relevant product images from the client as well as stock websites, this project proved a challenge. Instead of focusing on the actual product itself, focus turned to the product’s function of prolonging fruit and vegetables. 

An idea of ‘Farm Fresh’ was conceptualized by myself. Imagery was then based on farms, freshly cut fruit and healthy lifestyle, to solve this dilemma.”  

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